The History of Malibu East

A Community of Over 50 Years

Sprouting forth from the shores of Lake Michigan, Malibu East’s roots go back to the 1960’s. Though our history has shaped us tremendously, the focus has always been on making our community something special.


Dunbar Builders purchases lakefront property at the corner of Sheridan Road and Glenlake, conducting demolition on the existing three-story brick building and coach house to make way for a luxury, 45-story condominium building known as Malibu East. Dunbar hires famed Chicago architect John Macsai, known for his many eye-catching Chicago high rise projects, to create the design.



The commercial mall on the lower level of the building opens, providing residents with convenient retail options at their doorstep. Today, the Plaza is home to the Malibu Market convenience mart, Bezz Training Club, Edgewater Smile dentistry, a family doctor practice, and much more.



After having self-managed its parking garage for 17 years, the Association hires the nationally respected Standard Parking (now SP+) to manage the garage, a contract that continues to this day.



In response to plunging condominium prices and mounting foreclosures as a result of the 2008-2009 “Great Recession,” the Board of Directors takes emergency action, exercising the Association’s right of first refusal on unit sales that it believed to be grossly undervalued. The Association purchased nearly 40 units and raised recorded prices upon resale by 72%, which drew a profit of $1 million and protected the value of Malibu East property.



Two Malibu East residents, Pat Ewert and Vernita Gray, become the first same-sex couple to be legally married in Illinois. Two other Malibu East residents, Ron Dorfman and Ken Ilio, become the second same-sex couple, and first gay men, to be married in the state.



Building elevators, including four passenger and one service, are modernized, with stylish interiors, informative touchscreens and current safety features.



The Association meets the challenge of the COVID pandemic head-on, implementing safety precautions for residents, conducting Board meetings by Zoom for more than a year, and making sure necessary building maintenance and repairs continued despite labor and supply chain disruptions.



Malibu East celebrates its 50th anniversary and end of Covid restrictions with a gala featuring food and music, comments from original owners still living in the building, and a tribute to the late Marcel Molins and his remarkable 35-year tenure as Board President.